Angelea competed in ANTM Cycle 14 which she placed 3rd/4th.

She competed in cycle 17's All-Star Cycle which she was disqualified for unspecified reasons. She was disqualified for reasons producers already knew about, the original winner.

Pre-ANTM[edit | edit source]

Angelea was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. She applied to Cycle 12 but failed to make in into the house when she butted heads with Sandra Nyanchoka. On Cycle 12 there was more info about her life. She said that she had a daughter, who eventually died and she also talked about how she slept in the Port Authority bathroom stall to make her call back for the show.

In-ANTM[edit | edit source]

She was brought back and the other girls gossiped about her and they wanted to stay as far as away from her. She brought in the infamous Bitch Please Look against Brenda and had a argument with Alasia over her defence with Brenda. She was a strong competitor from the start and had a close bonds with Krista White and Alexandra Underwood . She received her only first call out in episode 6 and won the go-see challenge in episode 9. But she was eliminated in episode 10 in a double elimination with Alexandra Underwood.

All Stars[edit | edit source]

In 2011, she competed in the All-Stars cycle of America's Next Top Model for a second chance to win. She was always starstrucked by the show's guests like the Kardashians, rapper Game and musician LaToya Jackson. In episode 2, she was given a brand word: Persistence while in episode 7, she created her own fragrance named Angelea. Her music video was named "I'm Here" in episode 8. In the competition, she had 3 bottom two appearances against Isis King in episode 3, Alexandria Everett in episode 8 and Dominique Reighard in episode 12. She was also part of a non-elimination bottom two appearance with Lisa D'Amato. She received her only first call out (in the cycle) in episode 4. In the finale, Tyra Banks said that the network and the production found out something about her past, and was disqualified from the competition

Post-ANTM[edit | edit source]

Angelea has taken test shots and signed with Colby Models in New York. She had a cover of Fashionista Magazine. She's walked for the Sachika twins and Richie Rich.

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