-ANTM- Anslee07


Anslee placed 7th in her cycle, Cycle 14.


Anslee is from Dacula, GA. She is a mother to a 3 year old daughter named chloe.


Anslee's face was discribed as "the stink look" when she posed but she called it "me". She cried at the makeovers when it was cut off but in the end she said it was high fashion. She landed in the bottom 2 in episode 4 for a poor photo and making excuces for her poor challenge and poor photo. She had hard times with Alasia Ballard, when she said "how do you train your daughter!"Anslee was furious when she heard that. She was eventually eliminated in episode 7, right before heading to New Zealand.


Anslee has not done anything big sence the show but has done minor work