Brenda was in ANTM Cycle 14 and placed 8th


Brenda is from Houston, Texas. She was adopted and has a daughter.


Brenda was chosen before but her previous agency didn't let her compete. She was chosen in cycle 14 and made the cut. She had all of her hair cut off in makeovers. She had an issue with Angelea Preston who gave her the "bitch please" look. She was also irritated, about how both Angelea and Alexandra where making jokes about the resemble of Miranda from Sex and the City and the hair style from Chucky. Brenda's 1st photoshoot's turnout good. But sank to the bottom in the next two episodes. She was given an edgier haircut the next week and it worked in her favor. But later on in episode 6 she was eliminated.


Brenda is currently signed with Page.713 in Houston. She has appeared in seventeen magazine and has modeled for Rachel Roy.