-ANTM- Krista12

Krista's Covergirl Photo In Week 11

Krista White competed in America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 which she won.



Krista came into the competition at 25 years old. Her interview during casting was most memorable by her fear of dating on white guys cause of their pink wee-wee. She was know as a bitch throughout the competition and befriended with two fellow contestants Angelea Preston and Alexandra Underwood . She argued with fellow contestants Raina Hein, Alasia Ballard, and Jessica Serfaty for being "fake" when they where just being "bubbly". She had applied 5 times in previous cycles. She started off at the bottom and grew and made top model history by having 5 consecutive 1st call outs.


Krista has collected all of her prizes and has booked a back to school campaign for Max Rave.