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Raina Hein

Raina was the runner-up in ANTM Cycle 14


Raina was a shy girl from the small town in Minnetonka, MN. She was the tallest girl and was in her high school's volleyball team who took nationals twice. She broke out of her shell during her senior year of high school. She was signed with some small modeling agency's in Minneapolis.


She walked in and the judges said that she had a mesmerizing face. She started the competiton at the top but fell to the bottom towards the end of the competition.In the room by herself she was saying positive thing about Jessica Serfaty, while she was saying negative things about Alasia Ballard like "Hypocritical and immature", that made Alasia more angry, so after Raina had finishing talking, she went in the room and talk about how she hates how people talk about negative personality, while she was talking Raina went back and heard Alasia talking she ask Jessica Serfaty to come up and hear what was Alasia saying. While hearing this made both both Jessica and Raina taunting her outside. She had a close bond with fellow contestants Brenda Arens and Jessica Serfaty. In the end she was named runner-up to Krista White.


She has signed with Wilhelmina Models in Miami and a few modeling agency's in Minneapolis. She has appeared in a spread in Harper's Bazzar Arabia and she has booked campaigns in Dubai.